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We update the gallery with screencaps from the movie Mother’s Day,  where Jennifer is  2nd Lt. Dana Barton, it’s a small participation but Jennifer is so cute that you need see the pictures in our gallery!

Mother’s Day is the last movie from the director Gary Marshall. Jennifer worked with him in the movie Valentine’s Day.

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We update the gallery with screencaps and stills from the movie: Dude, Where’s my car? (2000)

Is a 2000 American comedy film directed by Danny Leiner. The film stars Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott as two young men who find themselves unable to remember where they parked their vehicle after a night of recklessness. Supporting cast members include Kristy Swanson, Jennifer Garner, and Marla Sokoloff. Though the film was panned by most critics, it was a box office success and has managed to achieve a cult status, partially from frequent airings on cable television. The film’s title became a minor catch phrase, and was commonly reworked in various pop cultural contexts during the 2000s.

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Movies > Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) > Screencaps

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Jennifer Garner out for coffee with a friend in Brentwood, California, 09 december.

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Candids > 2016 > December, 09 – Out for coffee in Brentwood, California

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Candids > 2016 > December 09, Out and About – LA

Jennifer Garner out and about in Los Angeles,  stops at Moon juice bar in 05 december.

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Candids > 2016 > December, 05 – Out and about, LA

Jennifer Garner hits moon juice normal_jgarnermoon120516_06 normal_jgarnermoon120516_11

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